Review: Nordic Spirit - Spearmint Intense #4

Nordic Spirit is a completely tobacco free, all white nicotine pouch. It currently comes in 4 flavours; Berry Citrus, Elderflower, Smooth Mint and the one we are reviewing today, Spearmint Intense #4. The #4 rating makes it the strongest nicotine content in the Nordic Spirit range at 17 mg of nicotine per gram (11 mg per portion). Each pouch is 0.7g.

It is manufactured in Sweden by Nordic Snus in the Vårgårda region, just north of Gothenberg. The company has a lot of heritage and has made popular and highly regarded, traditional tobacco snus for many years. They started producing Nordic Spirit, tobacco free products in late 2019.

Here's what they say about their process (translated from Swedish):

  "Nordic Spirit is produced in a patented process. The unique blend of natural plant fibers, nicotine, fresh taste aromas and a small amount of chewing gum base gives the portion bag an optimal softness that is discreetly formed under the lip."

The packaging is much like most other nicotine pouch cans, made of recyclable plastic. There is the usual compartment in the lid to store used pouches before discarding them in a bin.

The branding is simple and pleasing, with just the brand name with a blue / green gradient across it reflecting the flavour. Everything is clear and well laid out. Nordic Spirit appears to have ditched the short lived "double diamond" branding they had in 2019.

On opening, a sweetly minty blast with no menthol or eucalyptus but with slightly bitter undertones of what must be the base plant material. The pouches are labelled as slim -which they are if compared to a traditional snus size but you wouldn't really want them any bigger than this. They are not noticeable to other people when under the lip. The pouch material itself of a silky smooth texture. These have some moisture (20%) but feel really quite dry. They are absolutely pure, chalk white. 

After placing under the lip, you can immediately feel the nicotine as a slight numbness -not a huge burst of flavour coming through at first.

This develops into a fairly mild and pleasing minty flavour but the nicotine hit is strong. This is a good choice for those who are keen on mint but do not like a menthol, ice cold flavour. The mint gives a bit of warmth on the gum. It's fresh and minty, like after brushing your teeth. No saltiness detected at all.

The pouches get quite slippery and might be quite difficult to keep in place if you're not used to them but they do mould themselves to fit well when in place. Inside the pouch itself, the base material is a bit like a gum. It doesn't reduce in size over time like some pouches do.

After around 15 to 20 mins, the nicotine and the flavour are still flowing nicely. This would be a good "go to" choice for an everyday user who enjoys a strong nicotine hit. The longevity of the flavour and the nicotine is good.

So all in all a very pleasant, well rounded product with an unobtrusive mint flavour and a good nicotine hit that doesn't fade too quickly.

Buy Nordic Spirit - Spearmint Intense #4  here.


Nicotine rating  Extra Strong
Nicotine content 17mg / g
Flavours Mint
Pouch type Slim
Pouches per can 20


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