A Guide to Nicotine Pouch Strengths

We offer lots of choice in nicotine pouch strengths, ranging from zero to extreme. As a beginner this may be overwhelming, with many newbies selecting the highest strength possible.
We have developed this guide to nicotine pouch strengths to ensure that you pick the perfect strength for you and enjoy the nicotine pouch experience!

What Strengths do we Offer?

Nic Pouch UK features an array of products with varying strengths, to suit every user. These nicotine strengths are always measured in milligrams (mg) and include:

Zero – No nicotine at all in the pouch. These pouches contain other ingredients to provide a kick that are often found in energy drinks, usually caffeine, vitamins, guarana, and ginseng. Useful for those seeking to become nicotine free. Buy Zero Nicotine Pouches Here

Light – Products in the ‘light’ category contain very low amounts of nicotine, ranging from 2.7mg to 4mg per portion. Buy Light Nicotine Pouches Here

Mild Products in the ‘mild’ category take a slight step up from ‘light’ pouches, with strengths ranging from 4mg to 6mg per pouch. Buy Mild Nicotine Pouches Here

Medium – Products in the ‘medium’ category are often considered as ‘regular’ strength, ranging from 6mg to 9mg per pouch. Buy Medium Nicotine Pouches Here

StrongThe ‘strong’ category is where you can expect to see mg per pouch numbers really start to increase, from 9mg to 13mg per pouch. Buy Strong Nicotine Pouches Here

Extra Strong – The ‘extra strong’ category features products that start to pack a serious punch, with mg per pouch values ranging from 10mg to 18mg. Buy Extra Strong Nicotine Pouches Here

Super-Strength ­­­– ‘Super-strength’ products take you that little bit further than ‘extra strong’ and are not to be underestimated, with some products containing almost 10x the amount of nicotine than those in the light range. Products in this category contain nicotine strengths of 19.5mg to 25mg per pouch. Buy Super-Strength Nicotine Pouches Here

What Strength Should I Use?

So, now you know what strengths we offer, you may be wandering what strength you should choose…

“But what strength is right for me?”

The answer to this question is…well it depends on lots of things!

There is no hard and fast rule for nicotine pouch strength choice as we are all different in terms of tolerance, sensitivity and what we are seeking to get out of our nicotine pouch use.

We do not endorse the use of nicotine pouches for those who are not existing users of nicotine products. However, if you are a smoker, vaper, or use any other form of nicotine containing product, here are a few tips for successful strength selection.

  1. Start Low and go Slow! – Many ex-smokers and vapers believe that they are hardcore when it comes to nicotine tolerance. Whilst this may be true for the number of cigarettes they can consume daily, or vape becoming an extension of their arm, it does not translate the same to the world of nicotine pouches, think beer vs whisky – same substance, but potentially a completely different outcome. It is not uncommon for vapers used to 50mg nic salts and pack-a-day smokers to use a regular strength pouch and feel a serious, borderline uncomfortable buzz. This is because nicotine pouches contain much more nicotine compared to cigarettes and vapes, and despite the nicotine uptake being slower than products designed to be inhaled, result in a greater total nicotine uptake. You can see a visual representation of this in our previous article ‘Nicotine – The Science’ here. Those that are new to nicotine pouches, including smokers and vapers, should start in the light or medium range. If the desired effect is not achieved in terms of nicotine satisfaction and/or alleviation of cigarette or vape cravings, new users should slowly move up in mg/pouch strength until this effect is achieved, and then stay at that strength. 3 – 6mg per pouch would be a good starting point.
  2. Do not Chase a Buzz – Contrary to popular belief, the use of nicotine pouches should not be motivated by the buzz that can be felt. ‘Chasing a buzz’ refers to users who consistently increase their dosage or purposely choose pouches that are extremely high in nicotine content just to feel a kick. This is a very bad idea as the consistent use of high strength products can permanently set a buzz chaser’s tolerance to high, resulting in a lack of ability to enjoy regular strength products, a constant need for high strength products which increases the risk of the negative effects of nicotine, and ultimately feeling no effects of nicotine at all. Buzz chasing is a sure-fire way to diminishing returns from nicotine pouch use and should always be avoided. More on buzz chasing in our article ‘Updosing and Why it is not a Good Idea’ here.
  3. Know What Feels Right for You – As stated previously, there is no hard and fast rule for pouch strength selection. There are a variety of factors that contribute to the felt effects of nicotine that vary from person to person and between brands. Whilst one person may be able to obtain a fully satisfying and pleasant buzz from a light strength pouch, another user may feel overwhelmed, or nothing at all. Body weight, genetics, tolerance, time of the day, hunger and many other variables affect nicotine. Further, two brands may produce a pouch that is stated to be the same mg/pouch strength as the other, but may result in completely different effects. Variation in the potency of a pouch of the same strength between different brands can be explained by the pH of the pouch. Pouch pH is crucial in determining the intensity of the nicotine hit, regardless of the total nicotine in the pouch. More information can be found about the role of pH in nicotine pouch potency in our previous article ‘What is in a Nicotine Pouch? here. Experiment with different pouch strengths yourself, but with caution, until you find a strength that is perfect for regular daily use.
  4. Rotation of Pouch Strength is OK! – The final point to consider in pouch strength selection is that it is completely fine to change strengths throughout the day, or depending on the occasion, to a sensible degree of course. Some nicotine pouch users report using a stronger pouch in the morning, perhaps with a coffee for an extra kick start to the day. Furthermore, a slightly higher strength pouch may be useful in situations that may tempt you to revert to smoking or vaping, for example in a bar, club, or after a stressful situation, and a lower strength pouch for relaxing or whilst working. Variation in pouch strengths is completely individual, and again, it is important to find out what works for you. Getting this right is very useful in maintaining a sensible tolerance level and ability to enjoy a range of strengths. However, this does not mean to say that you should shoot for the stars and start using extreme strength products regularly, but rather adopt a mindful and regulated approach to using different strengths as and when you need them.

The Take Home Message

We hope that this article has been useful in providing insight into the different pouch strengths that we offer and what you can expect from them. Now it is time to try some out! Enjoy browsing our collection and experimenting with strengths but remember tips 1 to 4, be cautious, and start low and slow.

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