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ZYN - Northern Woods No.3 (Slim)

ZYN - Northern Woods No.3 is one for those who love the outdoors. A very subtle, Scandinavian mix of mountain spruce, wild herbs and berries. If you've ever enjoyed the aroma of fresh pine needles, this one is for you. Fresh and invigorating. This is the No.3 strength which is rated at medium / strong. 

ZYN's slim range are slightly longer portions, with a higher moisture content than their "mini dry" range.

Being a Swedish Match product you can of course expect extremely high quality. Swedish Match are known for their own quality control system called GOTHIATEK where stringent quality controls are carried out on each product before leaving the factory.

Nicotine rating Medium / Strong
Nicotine content 12mg / g
Flavours Pine / berry / herbs
Pouch type Slim
Net weight 17g
Pouches per can 20


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