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ZYN - Citrus No.4 (Mini dry)

ZYN Citrus has a delicious fresh flavour of sunny citrus fruits with notes of orange and lemongrass. This is the No.4 nicotine strength (extra strong). ZYN pouches are extra small and discreet.

This is the mini dry type pouch which has virtually no moisture and is a very small and discreet (as opposed to the 'slim' range which are slightly larger with a higher moisture content)

Being a Swedish Match product you can of course expect extremely high quality. Swedish Match are known for their own quality control system called GOTHIATEK where stringent quality controls are carried out on each product before leaving the factory. 

Nicotine rating Extra Strong
Nicotine content 15mg / g
Flavours Citrus
Pouch type Mini dry 
Pouches per can


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