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ZAFARI - Sauna Tar #2

ZAFARI - Sauna Tar #2 is smokey wood tar flavour with a touch of menthol to add a cooling effect. Whilst most British people may not have heard of "sauna tar", it is an oil made from the bark of birch trees which is mixed with water and splashed on the hot rocks of the sauna to give a rich smokey, woody aroma.

Zafari have created an incredibly soft, smooth pouch with just the right amount of moisture content.

Mild nicotine content in a slim and discreet pouch format.

Each can contains approx 20 pouches. 

Made in Sweden.

Nicotine rating Mild
Nicotine strength 6 mg / g (0.6%)
Nicotine per portion 4 mg per portion
Flavours Smokey / woody
Pouch type Slim
Net weight
14 g
Pouches per can


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