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VOLT - Java Shake #2

VOLT Java Shake has a taste of freshly roasted coffee beans topped with hints of cocoa and caramelized sugar. There is also a light saltiness that complements and balances it all together.

VOLT are tobacco-free all white nicotine pouches with fresh flavours and surprising combinations.

Being a Swedish Match product you can expect extremely high quality. Swedish Match are known for their own quality control system: GOTHIATEK where stringent quality controls are carried out on each product before leaving the factory.

Each can contain 21 nicotine pouches.

Made in Sweden.

Nicotine rating Medium
Nicotine strength 8mg / g (0.8%)
Nicotine content 6.4mg / portion
Flavours Coffee, cocoa
Pouch type Slim
Net weight 17g
Pouches per can 21


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Tags: Coffee, Medium
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Type: Nicotine Pouches
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