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VID - Fresh Cola #2

 VID - Fresh Cola has a taste of tangy, fizzy cola bottle candy. Here's what the manufacturer says (translated from Swedish):

One of the absolute favorite flavors when it comes to sweets, soft drinks or as wood for various alcoholic beverages must be a fresh cola taste. We wanted to take this classic to a new level by building a reasonably sweet, wonderfully fresh and enjoyable good cola aroma for those who really like goodies. This is not a product for those who are looking for the strength and impact that can otherwise be found in our products, but it is for those who want something that is genuinely good.

Contains 20 regular sized (so quite large) , high moisture content pouches.

Made in Sweden

Nicotine rating Medium
Nicotine strength 12 mg/g
Nicotine content 9.5 mg per portion
Flavours Cola candy
Pouch type Regular
Net weight
Pouches per can


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