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VID - Cool Citrus #2

VID - Cool Citrus has a candy citrus flavour, very much like a sherbet lemon but with a hint of cooling menthol. Here's what the manufacturer says (translated from Swedish):

"We have combined our favorites in VID Cool Citrus. They each have their part in creating a wonderful combination together with a pinch of menthol to increase the freshness and balance of the acid which is also a natural part of the citrus fruits. VID Cool Citrus is not created to be a super strong product but a product for the real connoisseur. Fairly sweet, fresh mint and with clear overtones of Citrus gives us a product for those who want to reduce their other nicotine intake or who are simply looking for a really tasty nicotine product."

Contains 20 regular sized (so quite large) , high moisture content pouches.

Made in Sweden

Nicotine rating Medium
Nicotine strength 12 mg/g
Nicotine content 9.5 mg per portion
Flavours Citrus
Pouch type Regular
Net weight
Pouches per can


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