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SNÖ - Evergreen

SNÖ - Evergreen - Cool and refreshing mint with a touch of brrr. Put on that nice woolen turtleneck and go for walk in the forest. Sniff some pine cones and Bob’s your uncle!

SNÖ are Nicotine Pouches that come in four amazing tastes packed in a 100% recyclable box. All you need to do is put the empty box where paper is thrown and it will be recycled up to eight (8!) times before ending its life as biofuel.

The pouches are very discreet mini pouches.

SNÖ is made near Helsingborg in Sweden.

Nicotine rating Light
Nicotine strength 7 mg / g = (0.7%)
Nicotine content 2.7 mg / portion
Flavours Mint / spruce 
Pouch type Mini
Net weight
7.5 g
Pouches per can


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