Load image into Gallery viewer, LYFT mini - Tropic Breeze #2

                Load image into Gallery viewer, LYFT mini - Tropic Breeze #2

LYFT mini - Tropic Breeze #2

Enjoy a little tropical getaway with the new addition to the LYFT family. Explore the tropical taste with the new mini portion. The fruity tropical flavours here are mandarin, passion fruit and mango.

LYFT mini - Tropic Breeze #2 is the third mini pouch produced by LYFT -and it does not disappoint. Whilst not being quite as tiny as the ON! range pouches, they are very discreet and -uniquely- are not dry pouches. These pouches have around the same moisture content as the regular LYFT/VELO range.

The can too, is dinky. Very cute.

LYFT is made of fiber from eucalyptus and pine, and contains an added nicotine extract. This product has a slim white pouch. 

Made in Sweden.

Nicotine rating Medium
Nicotine strength 12 mg / g
Nicotine content 6 mg per portion
Flavours Passion fruit, mango, mandarin
Pouch type Mini
Net weight
Pouches per can


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