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G.3 - Extra Strong #4

G.3 is a hugely popular brand of snus -and now we have their tobacco free version. This is a stronger version of the XRange product -also from Swedish Match.

The flavour is hard to describe as it is a blend of so many things.

It is quite rich, dark and wood smoky. There are hints of bergamot, celery and black pepper, also liquorice and some say even Jagermeister. To some, it's like the aroma of a Lapsang Souchong tea leaves mixed with a little Earl Grey. The flavour is quite strong and long-lasting. Be warned that this is a bit of a marmite flavour -you'll either love it or hate it!

The can contains 20 slim superwhite portions. 100% tobacco free.

Made in Sweden.

Nicotine rating Extra Strong
Nicontine strength 16mg/g (1.6%)
Nicotine per portion 13mg per portion
Flavours Dark, savoury
Pouch type Slim
Net weight 19.2 g
Pouches per can


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